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Company established
Registered as ¡°Partner Company¡± from Samsung SDS
Assigned as one of Aspiring Exporting SMEs by SMBA (Small & Medium company Administration)
Acquired 1 Patentee and 4 software program copyrights
Selected as one of the best venture companies by SMBA (Small & Medium company Administration)
Acquired 2 Practical Use rights by Korean Industrial Property
Developed Module of Gate Display for KTX.
Acquired 4 software program copyrights
Certified research center by KOITA
Certificated ISO9001
Assigned as an IBK Family Company [Industrial Bank of Korea]
Acquired 1 Patent by Korean Industrial Property
Selected as one of Technology Innovation Research Companies by SMRA
Acquired 1 Patent and 1 Practical Use Right by Korean Industrial Property
Acquired 1 Trademark right and 1 service mark by Korean Industrial Property
Developed 42 inch type Infrared Touch Screed
Selected as ¡°INNO-BIZ¡± Company by SMBA
Registered as ¡°Partner Company¡± by Samsung Corporation
Changed the Company as ¡°Hwayoung Systems Co., Ltd.
Developed U-Doctor System
Certified as Korea Material & component company
Acquired 1 Patent & 2 Trade Mark
Launched "TTock" brand as touch screen monitor
Nominated as multi-touch SDK development company by Korea Software Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA)