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Product 10.4" 12.1"
Model TP104M6xx TP121M6xx
Size 254(W)*201(D) 282(W)*220(D)
Interface RS232/USB RS232/USB
Power 1.5[W] 1.6[W]
Item Description
Detection form Infrared interruption detecting system with infrared sensors
Effective detection area Above detection area + 1.0mm
An optical element pitch 6.0mm x 6.0mm
Minimum stylus 8.0mm x 8.0mm
Scanning speed Normal mode : 40 times/sec, Sleep mode : 20 times/sec
I/F connetor 50-pin connector for flat cables
Shock resistance A R63.5mm steel ball was dropped on the touch panel supported by the display module from 1 m height with on breakage.
Temperature Operating : -20~80 Humidity 90% RH at max 35
Storage : -40~80 Max 35 95% RH at max
Relative humidity Operating : 0~90% (non condensing)
Storage : 0~95%(same as above)
Power DC + 5V max 250mA. average 150mA
Power consumption 1.25[W]
Transmission 85% Up to 100%
Protecting plate Tempered Glass or Hard coating acrylic plate